Monday, September 21, 2009

ok, I don't know how to politely say this but after wondering reading blogs and stuff It seems to me that allot of people like seem to hate themselves. I find this disturbing cause we all are wonderful beautiful vibrant persons. I've done allot of things I am not proud of (which as you follow this blog you'll see) but to call myself bad names and say some of the things I have read OMG.
firstly I never use this word and ask if your commenting you don't either "faggot" I hate it its not used for anything but to degrade. don't we face enough of that with out degrading ourselves?
second if you feel like that (hating or being angry with yourself seek help it can be worked through believe me. even a good friend can help you. you are worthy of love and able to give love. it the most beautiful gift you can give.
and I want anyone who reads this blog to know me ear shoulder arms and heart are available to you anytime. my im is i wont say i can help but I can listen. sometimes thats all I need so message if you want.
love is hard but its love we need
hugs to all

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