Saturday, September 26, 2009

The grade school years

I have always thought that girls got to
wear the best cloths. Even as a child I
would see girls wearing very simple
cloths very similar to the cloths I was allowed to wear but somehow they were prettier. better colors and patterns and well they fit better. It seemed to me that all boy cloths were kinda baggy and bland. Maybe that was just me since I was a bit different from everyone else.

The years of grade school were definitely easier to cope than the following years. I can honestly say I had fun in grade school I could play with the girls and nobody really cared. I had several friends I talked and played with everyday. there was also my best friend Katie we did everything together. It was thru her I would come to understand the there are some pretty amazing people in this world.
In grade school the 6th grade to be exact I asked one of the dumbest questions possible in front of the worst people possible. I asked Katie what it was like to be a girl. she said I dont know I like being a girl, whats it like being a boy? of course being me I answered I dont like it I think being a girl would be better. roars of laughter from all the boys sitting near us. I had a feeling this was a huge mistake and I was right.

I left school that say to walk home I noticed a crowd of boys behind me. I knew something was going to happen and I hoped it would just be teasing. well they caught up to me. and the teasing did begin I was called a sissy a fa**** they pushed me around the mark the biggest dumbest kid at the school he was 2 years older than the rest of us (he got held back twice) yelled lets play smear the queer and kicked me in the face. I dont remember what happed after but I ended up with 4 teeth gone a broken rib and a pain in my crotch that lased a week.

This was first of many beating I would get but it was by far the worst. the only conciliation I got was mark went to Juvenal corrections and I never Saw him again. Katie was a total best friend after that she stuck up for me and generally made most of the kids not care that I was a different. Katie was an amazing girl the day I was at her house (my dad having givin up on me not playing girls) we were just talking and listing to music. she got a real serious look on her face and asked me do you really hate being a boy? I was dumbstruck I really didnt know how to answer but this was Katie so I told the truth. I told her everything how I liked girls cloths better and I felt I was girl and then I started to cry.

I was expecting revulsion and her never talking to me again. she hugged me and told me it was ok with her that we were friends and would always be.

I was shocked but very very happy to hear her say that. we talked alot more that day about all kinds of things. when it was time for me to go home I really didn't want to go but I knew I would be in huge trouble if I didn't.

It was then I did something I would find my self doing many times over the years and Iam not proud of doing it but I took a pair of her panties. I dont know if she knew or anything but over the years I probably took over a dozen pairs from her. and other things as we got older. If she knew she never said anything. my personal belief is she knew and just didnt care.
well that was pretty much my grade school years not alot really happened except I found the greatest friend I would ever have. so I guess really something major did happen.

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  1. It's sad that kids who don't it the norm have to see just how ugly people can be at such a young age. But at least you can take solace in the fact that you're a better and stronger person for it, while the jackasses who humiliated you will always be jackasses.