Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The first time I ever actually put on girls cloths I was 7 years old. I had played with dolls did all the things the other little girls in the neighbor hood did. In fact I had no guy friends at all. I was really just one of the girls at that age. The day I put on girls cloths was a hot summer day all the kids were swimming in my pool and I had to use the bathroom so I went inside and on the floor of the bathroom were serveal piles of cloths. I don't really know came over me at the time but I stripped and reached over and put on the white nylon panties. Now I have read other blogs and things but I cannot remember any excitement they just felt right. I pur on a pair jeans with little flowers on them and a cute little tank top. when i looked in the mirror I saw a cute little girl looking back at and for the first time I knew I was a girl. if my mom hadn't knocked on the door I probably would have tried on every out fit in there.
At that age I knew nothing about "crossdressing" or gender dysporia All I knew was i felt right and Looking pretty made me feel good. It would be years before I would that doing this was wrong, or percieved to be wrong anyway. After that day I would wear girls things every chance I got I would play with make-up and dress up with the other girls that is untill my dad and there dads found out we played like that. then I was required to be all boy no more girls things I was told. like girly things were bad. I was small for my age with girls with the boys I was absolutly tiny. so I spent several years getting picked on.

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